Facts and Figures

Participating in Engaging Humanities, students will develop analytic skills, cultural understanding, innovation, and entrepreneurship crucial for workforce success.

Source of facts and figures: National Humanities Alliance, Study the Humanities Toolkit

A Liberal Arts education will prepare you for the jobs that don't exist today


of employers want skills that students build in humanities majors

  • critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills
  • written and oral communication skills
  • courses involving significant writing


of humanities majors believe they are close to living "the best possible life"


of humanities majors are satisfied with their job

Humanities Majors Outperform Their Peers...

Humanities majors learn more about skills that today's employers actively seek than majors in business, technology, engineering, or math do. These include abilities with writing, complex reasoning, and critical thinking. 


of 2008 humanities graduates voted in an election within a year of graduation 

Engaging Humanities courses help students build skills critical for good managers:

  1. effective listening and communication
  2. empathy for others
  3. being supportive of one’s colleagues
  4. critical thinking and problem solving
  5. making connections across complex ideas

Humanities majors are successful across a range of careers

Nearly 60% of humanities majors have jobs that involve managing or supervising.